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ISTAR-ISCTE PhD student Wins Best paper at SiGraDi conference

Micaela Raposo’s work Get Together has been selected by DigitalFUTURES as one of the four best research projects presented in SiGraDi 2022 conference which took place in May 2023. Micaela Raposo is developping her PhD thesis at ISTAR-ISCTE under the supervision of Sara Eloy. Get Together is a platform that aims to improve collaboration between citizens and local government, democratizing the local development process through citizen production of equipment and public spaces projects, deliberation, and voting on them in a transparent, participative, and collaborative way. More than just a platform, it is a public policy process that gives citizens an active voice. The awarding entity, Digital Futures ( is an independent online platform for architectural education that offers talks and tutorials in several languages. Recordings of the last conference and other events can be found on youtube (

This work is connected with EC goals of citizen science and InCITIES WP2 thematic Thematic Hub 1 – Questioning Urban Transitions.

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