This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe widening participation and spreading excellence and further supporting actions programmes. Grant agreement ID: 101071330.



InCITIES is a three years (October 2022 – September 2025) project that aims to achieve the transformations of HEIs and their surrounding ecosystem centred around cities’ inclusion, sustainability, and resilience needs. It addresses the European-global challenges of cities with a specific focus on widening countries (Portugal and Slovakia), allowing them to overcome structural, sociocultural, economic, political, and institutional barriers.


InCITIES Research based Strategy
Map European institutional transformation strategies towards research-based sustainable universities within the InCITIES consortium.
Build and strengthen a long-term network of participating HEIs and surrounding ecosystem actors based on the formation of integrated knowledge HUBs to mobilise local, regional, and national investments in synergy with EU funding opportunities.
InCITIES Processes
Enhance scientific and technological capacity by sharing the best available pedagogical, research, management, and administrative practices in the consortium, connecting staff and disciplines together to pilot knowledge transfers to widening HEIs and raise their excellence and impact profile.
InCITIES contribution to Knowledge
Create an open and innovative education and training platform in synergy with the project R&I agenda focused on inclusive, sustainable, and resilient (ISR) cities.

InCities Methodology

In order to reach the expected outcomes, InCITIES is based on the application of strongly collaborative/co-creative, iterative, and incremental approaches, methods, and tools. That is, the implementation of the WPs is designed with the effective participation and commitment of student and staff in this process. Most importantly, 2 main innovative methodologies – the Research Roadmap Co-creation method and the LbD Pedagogical model – are implemented. Both methods complement each other and support the objectives of InCITIES model beyond their descriptive role.

Pathways Towards Impact

The global pathway towards impacts is based on:


The InCITIES project will be developed by a consortium of 5 partners participating in different interrelated activities structures in 7 WPs. Figure presents InCITIES WPs relations.