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Webinar Series on Learning by Developing Pedagogical Model

Feb - 02 - 2023 14:00

In line with the objectives of the InCITIES WP6, Capacity building actions on Learning by Developing (LbD) pedagogical model in Inclusive, Sustainable, and Resilient (ISR) cities, LAUREA scheduled a webinar series on LbD. The webinar series consists of two parts covering different aspects of the LbD pedagogical model.

The first webinar takes place on Thursday 2nd of February 2023, and particular focus will be given to the elements of the Learning by Developing pedagogical model and its usability/benefits in regional collaboration. The webinar is scheduled as follows:

Thursday 2nd of February CET 14-15:30

  • 14:00   Opening remarks, Sanna Ketonen-Oksi, Researcher (Research Programme on Service Business and Circular Economy)
  • 14:05   Learning by Developing, the model, Katri Ojasalo, Vice-rector (Education)
  • 14:15   Learning by Developing, case LAUREA, Pauliina Nurkka, Director (LAUREA Leppävaara)
  • 14:30   The role of Learning by Developing in regional development, Kari Halme, Senior Lecturer (Business Administration)
  • 15:00   Q&A

The second webinar will provide an opportunity to analyse practices of the LbD pedagogical model in teaching. It includes presentations and speeches that bring forth the lecturers’ perspective (how to use the model) and students’ perspective (what makes a difference). The second webinar will be held on Thursday 2nd of March 2023. The more detailed program will be published later.


The second webinar focused on the practices of Learning by Developing (LbD) pedagogical model in teaching, considering both lecturers’ and students’ perspectives. It aimed to analyse the implementation of the LbD model and featured presentations from lecturers on how to use the model effectively and students sharing their experiences. The webinar took place on March 2nd, 2023, with a more detailed program published later. Attendees provided valuable insights and discussions on bridging theory and practice in education. Lecturers sought guidance on integrating the LbD model, while students shared what made a difference in their learning the event aimed to empower educators and inspire the effective implementation of the LbD pedagogical model.

In addition to the previous webinars, the LAUREA team will organize three webinars as part of their series: Webinar III will discuss and share experiences of alternative models and methods utilized within the Pioneer consortium. The aim is to facilitate mutual learning and knowledge exchange among participants. Webinar IV, scheduled for the 16th of May 2023, will cover Learning by Developing (LbD) pedagogical models in ISR cities. This webinar includes the application of LbD in the context of Intelligent, Sustainable, and Resilient (ISR) cities. Webinar V, set for the 8th of June 2023, is dedicated to presenting the “Six Pillars Framework” – a stage theory highlighting the various uses of the future. The webinar will provide an in-depth understanding of this framework, enabling participants to realize its significance and potential implications for education and society.

Event Details

Start Date : Feb - 02 - 2023

Time : 14:00

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